Soul Sessions & Intuitive Readings

  • 30 minute appointment: *$70.00
  • 45 minute appointment: *$100.00
  • 1 hour appointment: *$130.00

Private Classes

  • 45 minute lessons/coaching: *$80.00


  • Retreat prices vary. Please see Retreats page for more information.


  • Party pricing begins at *$130.00 per hour for a 2 hour minimum. (May be paid by hostess or guests for individual sessions.)
  • 20 minute mini-session: *$50.00 (Offered only at private parties)

Energy Sessions/PL Clearings

  • 45 minute energy sessions: *$80.00 (Must be done in person)
  • 1 hour energy sessions:  *$100.00  (must be done in person)

Payment Forms
All in-person readings are paid at the time of the reading.   Phone readings will be charged to a charge card prior to the phone session. *Please note: Beginning January 2014, readings paid with a credit card will be charged an additional $5.00 fee per transaction.