About Lisa

Intuitive Reader & Life Coach

Lisa has been involved in spiritual studies and has worked as an intuitive reader and life coach for the last 14 years. In addition to coaching and teaching, Lisa is an ordained minister and wedding officiant. She is based in St. Louis, MO and conducts coaching sessions in person and by phone.

Her goal as an intuitive is to help you discover your gifts, graces, and life purpose. She adores all of life's beautiful moments and is especially fond of working with couples to help them plan the perfect wedding ceremony.

“My biggest joy in doing this work is forming long-lasting bonds with my clients. Helping people with their spiritual growth and evolution is the most rewarding job in the world!” – Lisa Sievers

Client Reviews

“Lisa is warm, loving, and familiar. From the moment you walk through her door, she makes you feel at home. Everything she said was point on, and she walked me through and explained what everything meant thoroughly. After my intuitive session, I couldn’t stop thinking about what we discussed, so I decided to book an energy session. (clearing)  I came in for my second session and what happened is indescribable. My life has significantly changed for the better since I went through my clearing. She opened all of my chakras, and guided me through some issues I had been hanging onto subconsciously. One stand-out moment is that my entire life I have suffered with stomach pains. I have had every test in the book to try to pin point why I have the pain and no one ever could figure it out. Lisa could sense it and cleared it from my energy. Since then, I have not experienced any stomach pain at all. Overall, I feel more relaxed and feel that I am open to standing my ground and speaking my truth in a way that is truly life changing.”

 – Lauren, St. Louis

“If you are skeptical of healers with true talent, no need for caution with Lisa. She definitely has strong intuition and a gift for guiding you along your healing journey.”

– Tracie, St Peters

“Lisa couldn’t have been a better fit for us, even if the stars had aligned.  She made us both feel like we had known her for years, and she continued to be that shoulder of confidence throughout the wedding planning chaos.  Lisa even took tie to FaceTime us at odd hours despite the major time difference while we were deployed.  I truly believe we couldn’t have pulled this thing off without her.  I will forever recommend her services to anyone and everyone.”

– Molly (and Jeremy), Germany

“Lisa is lovely. She is insightful and so in tune to your spiritual needs. I love spending time with her.”

– Sandy, St. Louis

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